5 Mobile Apps to raise Your Business

5 mobile apps to improve business

5 Mobile Apps to raise Your Business

The marketplace for mobile apps that are designed for businesses is large, but which of them do you have to be looking at? The proper mobile app can make an enormous difference in how your business operates, and these are a number of the simplest. Here are the 5 mobile apps to raise your business.

  1. Office 365/Google Sheets
  2. Trello
  3. Mail Chimp
  4. XCD Mobile HR
  5. Zapier

Office 365/ Google Sheets

Just because you’re far away from the office doesn’t mean you don’t still need access to big documents. The Microsoft Office 365 apps or Google Drive apps allow you this access and may assist you to work effectively from your mobile device.

While you would possibly not want to write down important documents on your phone, you never know once you will need to access and edit them, and these apps make this easy and straightforward to try.


When it involves managing projects on the go, Trello may be a perfect tool. Trello allows you to make Kanban-style lists, assigning tasks to individuals, setting deadlines, and automating basic tasks. In times where remote work is becoming more and more common, Trello provides a perfect platform for team members to check in and keep track of how a project is progressing.

As a project manager, it’s an excellent thanks to bringing everything together on one central platform and organize your team from your mobile device.

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Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is one of the 5 mobile apps to raise your business. They say marketing is about reaching the proper people with the proper message at the proper time. With Mail Chimp’s mobile app, you’ll reach your audience whenever, and wherever you would possibly be.

Email marketing may be a vital aspect in many businesses’ marketing, and with Mail Chimp, you’ll keep it up the top of it on the go. Also as allowing you to automate many parts of your email marketing, it means you’re able to react to the newest events, regardless of where you’re.

XCD Mobile HR

Your staff is often opened up around the world, but they still need access to an equivalent level of HR as if they were based during a headquarters. Even when your staff is predicated in one location, it’s still important for people to be ready to check important information like payslips, expenses, and get in touch with details on the go.

Mobile HR software from peoplexcd.com offers the right platform to require your HR mobile, making your HR team more efficient, and life easier for your employees.


There are numerous great mobile apps for your business; the matter is you tend to finish up with numerous of them on your phone. Instead of flicking between all of them the time, wouldn’t it be nice if there was an app that tied all of them together?

Well, Zapier is that app. It allows you to automate different tasks between different apps. So, for instance, if you get a Google form response, you’ll set Zapier up to feature a task in Trello for an assigned employee to follow abreast of the shape.

Zapier can compile many different apps, automating many processes for your business.

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