How To Boost Gaming Performance In Android

How To Boost Gaming Performance In Android

How To Boost Gaming Performance In Android

Few things in life are quite as annoying as a lag during a gaming session on your Android smartphone. There has been an unsurprising uptick in gaming hours everywhere on the planet ever since people started quarantining, because what better thanks to spending time indoors than with the gaming device of your choice? For many people, that happens to be their Android smartphone, and if the download statistics for PUBG Mobile alone are anything to travel by, people take their mobile gaming very seriously. In this article, we will share five tips to boost gaming performance in android.

So yes, more hours spent on Android gaming means the necessity to spice up performance is even higher. Luckily, you’ll tweak a couple of options here and there to optimize your Android phone for gaming. Here are the five methods to boost gaming performance in android.

  • Switch to a speedy Internet connection
  • Modify the screen refresh rate
  • Pack up your phone
  • Use a game booster app
  • Use a gaming accessory for your phone

Without further ado, let’s take a look at five incredibly easy ways to form drastically improve your Android gaming experience.

1. Switch to a speedy Internet connection

I know, I know. This is often a painfully obvious one. However, if you’re serious about boosting gaming performance on your smartphone, this is often the primary thing you ought to consider.

If you play online games on your Android phone, the speed of your Internet connection affects your gaming performance. This is often because your games got to constantly send and receive data. This data transfer takes longer if your Internet connection is poor. In turn, your gaming experience gets ruined.

Therefore, to make sure your online games play as smoothly and lag-free as your offline games, think about using a quick Internet connection once you play your games.

You can use any connection that’s fast enough. It might be a Wi-Fi connection or maybe an honest mobile data connection.

2. Modify the screen refresh rate

An important rule of thumb: the upper the screen refresh rate, the higher your gaming experience. This is often because you get overall better visual feedback from your games, with silky smooth animations.

Now, not every Android smartphone is capable of tweaking its screen refresh rate. Some flagship models from companies like Samsung and OnePlus do have that option, however, and everyone you’ve got to try to is to vary the screen refresh rate to the very best possible number that your device offers.

Here is how you’ll check if your phone supports screen refresh rate (and improve it if it does):

  1. Head over to Settings and tap Display
  2. Select Advanced on the resulting screen
  3. Tap Refresh rate
  4. Select the very best possible refresh rate on offer for the smoothest possible gaming experience

Naturally, higher refresh rates affect your phone’s battery life. But you miss some to realize some, right?

3. Pack up your phone

The more files you save on your phone, the slower your phone gets.

If you’ve saved any files on your phone that you simply don’t shall use anymore, you ought to get obviate those files to enhance your phone’s performance. This improved performance will definitely affect your gaming sessions.

Your Android smartphone gathers junk content from many sources. Your uninstalled apps’ leftover, old media files, and unused documents are all a part of this junk.

You can actually use a built-in feature on many Android phones to seek out the unused files and to securely delete them from the phone. Here’s how you discover and use this feature:

  1. Head over to Settings -> Device care, and tap Storage
  2. Release storage by deleting unused data, like rarely used apps and unnecessary files
  3. Delete files and documents by simply selecting them and pressing the Delete icon

4. Use a game booster app

You got that right; there are literally apps out there now which will boost your gaming performance for you.

These game booster apps tweak various options on your phone to make sure your phone can play games smoothly, and they’ll also shut off notifications so you don’t get interrupted while playing. You don’t get to manually optimize each option because the app does that for you with one tap.

One of the foremost popular options here is Game Booster, which may be a free game optimization app that you simply can use to form your Android phone as game-friendly as possible.

5. Use a gaming accessory for your phone

In addition to the software, you’ll make changes to your hardware to enhance gaming on your Android device.

For example, you’ll get an external game controller to play games on your phone. This controller will assist you in better control your moves in your games.

And that’s a wrap! If an Android smartphone is your primary gaming device, the above tips will assist you to improve your gaming performance considerably. These simple tweaks are bound to bring a fantastic improvement in your gaming experience next time around!

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