How To Use Instagram Reels For Business

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How To Use Instagram Reels For Business

Instagram reels for business are among the most favorite things today on Instagram; there is no hidden formula to that. Instagram has been trying hard to give tough competition to TikTok and other video-based platforms, and so far, it has succeeded to a certain extent. But to take it to the next level, Instagram is upgrading its overall Application.

We all know that Instagram has always been a valuable platform for business and the marketplace. And now, with the Reels coming into the picture, it’s becoming very convenient for Influencers and companies to expand their product sales and generate different ideas for their product representation.

To know what you can do with reels to generate more revenue, we first need to start with What are Instagram Reels for business and How to make those lead-generating Reels.

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What are Instagram Reels?

Before we get into reels, let’s see how this idea was created. In 2020, Instagram launched a new feature known as Instagram Reel after seeing the massive success of the then-newly launched platform TikTok. Now coming back to the main question, what are Instagram Reels?

The Instagram reel is a vertical short video format usually containing audio and effects where you can make a video from 15 sec to as long as 90sec. To explain in a simpler version: Consider it a mix and match of stories, and insta feeds.

Reels also have cool features like Effects, Length, Speed, Video Layout, and Timer. Apart from that, it has launched a segment called templates, where there are some predefined templates, and you can just select one and upload the videos you have chosen. To reuse reels you can use Instagram Video downloader.

Now let us dive into what each feature can bring you to grow in this popular platform.

Features of Reels


In this, you can select different effects to enhance your video. There are many other options available for effect selection. It has been divided into multiple categories for your better understanding.
(Note: Try selecting the ones that are trending to get better reach)


This determines how long you want your reel. It has different times like 15, 30, 60, and 90 sec.


It is a fun feature because it increases the speed of your video. Basically, it fast forward your video depending on the rate you have selected. So, next time you see a reel in which people are running too fast, it’s because of this feature.

Video Layout

This gives a layout to your video and helps your video get divided into multiple screens.


As the name suggests, it sets the timer, so you have enough time to put on the camera and prepare yourself before the video starts. You can also select the duration of the video you want so that the reel will get paused automatically after the specified time. Now that you know what features reels have, let’s move to the next part….

The next part is creating reels. We will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to make the best Reels for Instagram.

Steps Guide on how to create Instagram reels

Step 1

Click on the “+” button.

Step 2

Select the reel option, then select the audio you want to make reels on. (Make sure to select trending audio to get better reach)

Step 3

Select the timing, speed, and any effects. If you want it in your reels.

Step 4

Press the circle button and start making the reel; after you complete the reel, select the edit button if you want to edit something.

Step 5

Write a beautiful caption, tag people from the reel, and here you go! You are ready to upload your first reel. Now you have learned the basics of reels. Try new features every time to broaden your idea and expand your creativity.

So, let’s now come to the main topic of business. How Reels are beneficial for your business. Let’s have a deeper look at it.

Here are small Instagram reels for business ideas

1. Look what’s trending

‘Trend’ when you hear this word, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It is probably something like okay, let me look at the trend and who else is following it. So, in a world where the trend is changing every day, even at times every hour, Instagram is no different, with millions of videos and photos uploaded daily.

There are hundreds of trends to check out on Instagram.

So, now you will think, how will this improve the business? Well, following trending songs, topics, dancing moves, and more will allow you to reach more audiences. If you spend even 10-15 minutes of your time on Instagram reels, you will see a pattern of certain songs repeated in reels. Well, that’s your song. I mean, those are the songs that are trending right now and get the maximum number of shares among all users.

However, sometime it will test your patience because browsing thru a lot of reels may overwhelm you. That is why any digital marketing agency first does a analysis of your target audience to find the specific niche that suites your business.

So, how does a song get into the trend? It’s simple whenever a user creates audio, and someone uses that video to make more reels, that’s how the music gets into the trend.

The more people use your audio to create reels, the more chances your audio will be trending. Apart from that, your other option is to determine what theme is in trend. For instance, if it’s any festive season, you need to search for people making similar reels related to the festival or any particular theme reels being made.

In a nutshell, These are some essential things to be considered while looking for trending topics.

2. Understand the Algorithm

Instagram Algorithm keeps working on improving user search results and promoting new content and influencers. No one exactly knows how the Algorithm works, but here we will try to reach as close as we can to understanding the Algorithm.

So, let’s start specifically speaking of reels; there are three areas in which you can find the feed apart from the people you are following.

Understand the Feed


Explore is basically the search option you find in the bottom left corner next to the home button. You will find many posts and reels randomly when you click on them. You might get confused about what it really is. But don’t worry. Instagram gives you similar suggestions based on the people you follow, people your followers follow, or the people you have searched for, and this improves every time you see a particular post or reel. So, if you have watched a reel regarding food, then the next time you open Instagram, it will give you more suggestions related to food.

Reel Tab:

Like TikTok, Instagram has a separate option for showing reels. The Reels icon can be found in the bottom center of Instagram. When you click on that, you will directly be able to have access to the reels.

Engagement with the followers

Remember, Instagram promotes pages or accounts with a more customer engagement ratio. Now, what is engagement? It is any interaction you do with your followers through mediums like Comments, likes, QA sessions, and Polls. What relevance do they have with Instagram Algorithms?

Well, Instagram tracks every single activity on a page or a profile, so if your engagement with your audience is not much, then it is a fair possibility that Instagram will not be promoting your page on their explore page.

Giving replies to your comments or chats and even commenting on others’ posts boosts your Algorithm, so keep commenting on People’s posts.

Using Hashtags Properly

People say that Hashtags are essential. And yes, it is. But what is the purpose of Hashtags? According to the Instagram official: “Hashtags are used to help Instagram algorithm understand better what the image or the page is about.

So, the Algorithm can suggest your page to your niche audience for better reach. These are the ways the Instagram algorithm works.

Thing to consider while making Reels

Share Insider Content

Everyone wants to know what’s happening behind the process of making such a fantastic product, and your audience is interested to know all your tricks and methods. This is the chance to let your business grow more and engage your audience.

You can showcase your workstation, a glimpse of your upcoming product, and the people behind the success of such a beautiful product, or give some pro tips about what you have learned from your business.

Use Trending Audio

What is trending audio? When you scroll down on reels, you hear different songs used to create the reel. But will you be able to find out which one is a trending song? It’s simple.

Whenever you see the song’s name downside, you will see an arrow going upwards, then it’s the song that is trending. Now the question pops: why trending songs? To get better reach and also to make you famous. This is the simplest explanation that could be given. Using trending songs gives you an opportunity to go viral and the chance to make your brand more popular.

How does your business get popular using trending songs in Instagram reels?

The best answer is unique content and consistency. There are more chances for your reel to go viral if you present your content in a better and more memorable way. Apart from that, you can use popular hashtags and trending filters, as some people search from filters and hashtags.

Focus on Consistency

No one got success overnight. Sometimes people claim that their reel went viral overnight with one shot. They may have achieved success. They did gain popularity from one reel, but if you see their back story, you will find one thing: consistency of posting. You will find that they have been consistent for the past many months and that one short was not a fluke but hard work and dedication.

And as we know, Instagram Algorithms are really smart. Once you are consistent, there is a possibility that Algorithm will catch that and will help you reach more audiences by showing your reels on their feed page or explore section.

That’s all there’s to it

Coming to the final conclusion, There are many more ways your business will be getting more reach on Instagram, but if you are a newbie and don’t know where to start. These tips will help you in getting better ideas.

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