Think and Grow Rich Book Summary

Book Summary
think-and-grow-rich book summary

Think and Grow Rich Book Summary

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill is a top-selling book with more than 15 million copies marketed all over the globe. The book was initially published in 1937 and throws wide insights into economic and private dignity for entrepreneurs.

Book “Think and Grow Rich” not only speaks about how to think tremendous and thrive your income to become rich but also de-ciphers all cognitive barriers distributed to lack of growth. The book directs ways into the power of burning desire to change your mind and finally change your life.

The book accentuates the significance of thoughts and mind power. It talks about objectives, achievement, focus, and most greatly growth.

Following are the major points which we have extracted from the book “Think and Grow Rich” as a summary.

  1. Leader
  2. Career
  3. Desire
  4. Failure
  5. Money
  6. Faith
  7. Specialized knowledge
  8. Autosuggestion
  9. Imagination
  10. Decision
  11. Organized planning
  12. Subconscious mind
  13. Mastermind
  14. Persistence
  15. The brain
  16. The sixth sense
  17. Fears
  18. Willpower
  19. Kinds of Fear

Here’s the detailed summary of the book think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.


If you want to become a leader then you will have to follow someone who is a leader. You will have to develop decision-making power by closely observing the leader. Before presenting yourself as a leader, enhanced decision-making power will increase your efficacy.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

John C. Maxwell


If you want to excel in your career don’t think about short-term benefits like salary and others. Always think about the long-term advantages like growth opportunities, personality development, and self-enhancement.

Price doesn’t make deals, and salary doesn’t control your career.

Christopher Voss


Desire is such a powerful and important thing that chemically changes our brain through the power of positive thoughts. It not motivates you but pulls you to do something unusual. It generates the capacity inside us to move forward.

Love is simply the name for the desire and the pursuit of the whole.



The way of success is always related to the failure. Peoples who are emotionally attached to failure left the journey after misshaped. But the men who have motivation enough, learn from mistakes.

Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.

Morihei Ueshiba


You need to get a clear plan for the money. The plan must determine a date when the idea of making money came to you. You need to make a chart of actions what you are doing to make money. Write a clear-cut statement about the effort you are going to do to make money. Read this statement two to three times a day.

Wealth flows from energy and ideas.

William Feather


Everything has a starting juncture and faith is the starting point of achievement. It is the faith that carries your motive together for something. By giving rise to a change in your thinking and by educating your mind, faith can be incited for creating assertions to the subconscious mind by arranging ways for optimistic emotions and halting negative emotions.

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.

Saint Augustine

It’s a characteristic that transmits moral elements and changes common thoughts.

Faith also summons your pro-activeness to never stop trying, to be ready to help others, and appreciate the significance of self-confidence.

If you consume 10 minutes a day exercising it, your mind will change permanently.

Specialized knowledge

If you want to achieve a goal, if you want to get your wish, if you want to fulfill your dream then start gaining the personal experience of that thing. This specialized knowledge that you will get by personal experiencing will lead you to your goal, ambition, and wish.

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Autosuggestion simply means talking to yourself. When we talk to ourselves then this process transfers our desires to our subconscious mind. When something is transferred into the subconscious mind, then faith in that ambition will be strengthened.


According to the author “Humans are such powerful beings that they can achieve anything in their mind. First, come up with a list of ideas you will go through for your goals and ambitions then use your talent to achieve.


Successful people dare to make difficult decisions and they are stick to their words. A successful person will never change his mind quickly. He always follows his decision. Making a decision is easy but following it strictly is harder. Work hard to show that your decision was excellent.

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.


Organized planning

The difference between success and failure is organized planning. Successful peoples have clear strategies they are going to follow but the peoples who failed lack that clearness. Hoping to succeed without having organized planning is hoping against hope. Execution of your plans and following them strictly will lead to success one day. Never give up your plans.

Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is the link between the limited mind and intelligence. The subconscious mind can be used for drifting desires into the real equivalent. The author says, in order to get exact and absolute control over your subconscious mind, you have to develop the habit of using the following 7 major positive emotions to your benefit.


The book defines mastermind as the group of competent people who motivates you and helps you to excel in your life. Without having a mastermind, it is impossible to achieve the desired goal.


If you are persistent then you will get success one day. Lacking persistence is one of the major causes of failure. If your level of persistence is low then the results will be weaker. If have a high level of persistence is high then the distinction will result. To increase the level of persistence, you will have to define a clear goal, you will have to follow a clear strategy, and your decision will be like a strong rock.

The Brain

The brain is a broadcasting and collecting station for the vibration of thought. The subconscious is the sending station of the brain and creative intuition is the receiving station where the vibration of thoughts is picked up. When facilitated to a high rate of vibration, the mind evolves more knowledgeable to thoughts. The stepping up is an outcome of positive or different emotions.

  • Desire
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Enthusiasm
  • Romance

The sixth sense

You develop sixth sense through contemplation only. That is how the mind formulates once you grasp the sixth sense. You will be eligible to get pre-warnings, dangers along with time to make a decision when it matters greatly. The same goes for enchasing terrific opportunities. In order to discipline sixth sense suitably, you’ve got to get over unfavorable thoughts and suspicions.


There are six main fears and we suffer from an assortment of them at one point in time.


Willpower plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing the sixth sense against negative influences. It is very important to enclose yourself with people who push you higher and help you develop.

Kinds of Fear

The fear of Poverty
The Fear of Criticism
Fear of ill Health
The fear of loss of the love of someone
Fear of old age
The fear of death
By discipline our minds and allowing positive thoughts, we can withstand these fears.

The first and biggest victory is to conquer self. To be conquered by self is, of all things, the most shameful and vile

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