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the-man-who-sold-his-ferrari book summary

Robin Sharma’s hot-selling publication Monk Who Sold His Ferrari was publicized in 1999 and rapidly evolved the highest trending, hot-selling publication because of its practical tasks. We converted the “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” book summary into five lessons.

The book is around a well-curated anecdote of achievement and richness from starting up all the way to the edge. The book encompasses the success of a lawyer and ends on the richness of a man.

Here are the five significant lessons from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” book that can memorize to change the paradigm of his life.

  • Motivate Your Mind
  • Do the things you fear most
  • Disciplined Life
  • Love your time
  • Show an act of compassion

Lets discuss in detail to these points extracted as Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Book Summary.

1) Motivate your mind

Thoughts determine the quality of your life and the extent of your success depends upon the power of thoughts who encourage you to do so. Doing Mistakes is like removing the dents for your car and make it attractive and beautiful. if you are not doing any mistake then it may be the root of the mistake. Successful people always face criticism but they never lose hope and stay motivated. Negative thoughts are the major stumbling block in the way of your progress and tremendous success.
Quality of life depends upon the quality of insights. Be mindfulness, because it helps you to be motivated. Be brave enough to face setbacks and disappointments, see it as an opportunity. Leave the bad impressions from the past and think excellently about the future with a positive attitude.

“The secret of happiness is simple. Find out what you truly love to do and then direct all of your energy towards doing it. Once you do this, abundance flows into your life and all your desires are filled with ease and grace.”

Book :the monk who sold his ferrari

2) Do the things you fear the most

Fear of something is the biggest obstacle on the way to success. with the fear of losing one cannot taste success, with fear of defeat one cannot taste victory. the important thing is to face the hurdles. We can only overcome the hindrances by facing them. One can easily contain a mountain but it is the fear who pushes him backward. The universe is friendly to brave men. When someone took his first step with courage the magical powers in his soul help him to overcome the tremendous difficulties of life.
The regime of success always starts ahead of fear. Some people lose hope when they receive the impulses of fear, but successful ones are overcome by courage and motivation inside them.

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3) Disciplined Life

It is easy to distract human beings with noise. It is easier to distract him with interaction. Life without discipline makes us vulnerable to a lot of distractions. Successful people always opt for discipline as the mandatory principle of their life. If you want to be successful be disciplined. It is not easy to be disciplined. Maintaining discipline requires a lot of time but the fruits are long-lasting. Declare the war against the negative thoughts in your mind because they are destroying your life. When they will see that they are unwanted then they will leave your way.

4) Love your time

Time is more precious than money. Once we lost time, it cannot be retrieved. Every second is of great importance in life. We can utilize time effectively for constructive purposes and make it beautiful. We can waste our time on useless activities and the lt will be a disappointment Time slips through our hands like sand. Those who use time in a constructive way earlier are rewarded tremendously with achievements. Don’t waste your time otherwise your life will be wasted. Before wasting your time remind yourself this could be your last minute.The world respect only those dudes who respect their time.

5) Show an act of compassion

The growth of our personality increased by making distinctions in other people’s lives. When we act kindly with others it affects our perspective of life. We feel fair and balanced when we do an act of compassion and kindness. Gratitude and helping others can help us to find the real purpose and aim of our lives. We can have a place in others’ hearts if we bring change to their spirit. Paying back to society is higher and Nobel’s purpose. Start focusing on considerable and tremendous objectives instead of minor ones.

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