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I this article I will show you a detailed comparison of the TikTok vs snack video app. Since 2020, the popularity of content in the form of videos has been increasing, Be-emers. The TikTok platform also became a concern and began to distract netizens from other social media, such as Instagram and Twitter.

In fact, based on Forbes data records, TikTok has become the number one social media throughout 2020, you know, Be-emers! The platform under ByteDance Ltd. It has become the most downloaded social media in the world in 2020!

Various short video content such as dances, tutorials, life hacks, and so on are widely uploaded on the platform TikTok, especially by Generation Z. If you look around, it’s not just ordinary people, public figures are also busy using TikTok.

About Snack Video App

Well, in early 2021, there was a boom in applications similar to TikTok in Pakistan, namely Snack Video. Surely you often see ads everywhere, including on Youtube, right?

The popularity of Snack Video is also no joke, you know. In fact, on the PlayStore, the Snack Video application has been downloaded by more than 100 million users!

It’s a fun fact, both Snake Video and TikTok are from China, you know! However, in China, the name of the Snack Video application is Kuaishou.

So, if you look for Snack Video there, it won’t be there. Hehe. Meanwhile, its competitor, TikTok, also uses another name in China, namely Douyin. 

Oh yes, Kuaishou Technology is one of the largest internet companies in China that has recorded success for the last 10 years. In fact, Kuaishou also received support from Tencent. It was reported that Bloomberg would conduct an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Hong Kong.

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Tiktok vs Snack video App comparison

It was launched by Kuaishou Technology earlier this year. The corporate is predicated in China. It’s funding from Tencent. This app was announced on a worldwide platform as a competitor to the favored TikTok app that’s owned by ByteDance.

In the last 30 days, Snack Video registered 35 million downloads in only India after the ban on TikTok. Consistent with the newest data from analytics firm Sensor Tower. Snack Video was the foremost downloaded app, registering 190 million downloads since Saints Peter and Paul,

Snack Video users can post videos up to 57 seconds long, compared to TikTok’s 60 seconds. Like TikTok users, Snack Video users can add friends from their phone books or other social media apps like Twitter also as start group chats. It also uses a content recommendation algorithm that shows users videos almost like those they need to interact with, another feature TikTok is understood for.

TikTok alternatives, Zili and Snack Video, from Chinese developers, feature among the foremost downloaded video-sharing apps in India after the Indian Government banned 59 apps of Chinese origin, on Saints Peter and Paul, including TikTok, consistent with a recent report by analytics platform Sensor Tower. the apps, have over 50 million lifetime downloads within the Play Store, and have under different categories of free app Snack Video maintains the highest spot within the video players & editors category, since mid-July, as per the Sensor Tower’s daily category rankings.

TikTok and Snack video app download comparison

Snack Video’s privacy policy refers to, Joyo Technology Pte. Ltd, a corporation registered in Singapore. In the half of 2020, TikTok downloads in India were about 164 million. It is quite 1 / 4 of its global installs, across App Store and Play Store, the report said.

As alternative video-sharing apps are rushing to fill the void after TikTok’s ban,

Both App gives the earning money platform snack video give money in Pakistan if the user invited their friends on the app but TikTok doesn’t give any opportunity to their user.


Meanwhile, in the midst of the popularity of short video platforms like TikTok and Snack Video, both are also quite controversial and, and users can make money, you know! Hmm. Lots of downloads deserve it.

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